Milking It


Exploring notions of originality, authorial control, repetition and the demand for meaning, Milking It is a positive response to a negative and potentially desperate situation. Grasping the one sole nugget of success so far stumbled over, Hunt and Mosinski spurn the prospect of hard work, innovation and the mining of originality, and instead shall take the text from the piece that everyone seems to like and fully intend to milk that mother dry. You like this? Well you can have it. You can have it 50 times.

Milking It is a five year project that begins with a night of music. Milking It #1: Band is an evening of bands that come together to perform a text that over the next 5yrs will be performed 50 times. 50 performances, interventions, events or works of art in varying media, in 50 different locations across the UK but the text that has been collated from bleach container manufacturing websites will remain the same.

Milking It #1: Band initiates a leap into the uncertainty of a new discipline. For one night, we hand over the text to the musicians. Freeing the words from both the constraints of the chemical engineering industry’s marketeering mechanism and crucially, our own mouths, the text is interpreted  by 10 different artists, becoming the only constant in an eclectic mix of styles, possibilities and responses.

Each band/artist will receive the text four weeks before the event and can perform it or respond to it however they wish, but the text must be a component of the final musical piece. The project offers the bands a chance to step into the unknown; collaborate away from the usual musical contexts and experiment with new materials and audiences. The original HDPE performance found beauty, poetry and provocation in the language and terminology of petrochemical manufacturing, distribution and commerce. Our commissioned bands might too, or not. All we demand is noise, beauty, and the love of plastic.